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A true legend...

Ermolaev Center is named after one of the most ambitious entrepreneurs of Dnipro and Ukraine – Vadim Vladimirovich Ermolaev. 



“This complex will create a brand new environment for living and doing business. It will encompass the style of all the remarkable objects developed by Alef Estate and will be a new landmark in the Dnipro history.” V. V. Ermolaev

Ermolaev V.V.

Ermolaev center

This architectural masterpiece has been created taking into account all the advanced construction technology trends. The stone is combined with metal elements highlighting the infrangible essence of this place. We regard the future dwellers of Ermolaev Center as residents as soon they will become a part of a brand new ultra-modern world.

The complex has become a real estate legend even before the construction started!


Your new reality...

For every citizen, Ermolaev Center is an embodiment of a perfect life and a symbol of new opportunities. The multifunctional quarter was created for people who approach their life differently, respect their time, and surround themselves only with the best.

We invite you to discover a powerful synergy of business life and personal space. Every part was thought out to the last detail. All Ermolaev Center residents will enjoy their new everyday environment offering a perfect work-life balance.

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